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  • IT Services New Jersey: What You should Ask Your IT Service Provider about Cloud Technology

  • Cloud technology has become so successful that companies no longer consider it as an option but a necessity to run their business operations successfully. With enhanced security, unlimited storage, and easy accessibility, it isn’t surprising to find everyone moving to the cloud storage. The market is filled with a myriad of options for cloud storage.

    When you are selecting cloud technology on the recommendation of your IT services New Jersey Vendor, you need to know if it will satisfy all the requirements of your company. By asking numerous questions to your IT service provider in New Jersey, you will have a better understanding of cloud technology.

    1. What is the total cost?

    This is the first question any business owner or manager should have about cloud technology. When you are planning your budgets, you need to know what are all the potential costs associated with cloud storage. Ask for a list of all the possible expenses that can pop up at any point in time. Cloud storage providers usually charge a fee to expand storage options, enhance security, increase the number of users who have access and more.

    2. Who is the owner of the data and who has access to it?

    As companies are using cloud storage to store data, it is vital to know who is the owner of the data and who has access to it. In the case of a disaster, is the cloud provider the sole owner of the data or does the IT service company also have access to it? If the cloud provider goes out of business, what will happen to the data? By enquiring about the ownership and accessibility, you will have a better idea on who to contact in case of an emergency.

    3. What will happen if the cloud server goes down or data gets lost?

    As nothing is 100% fail-proof, it is always good to know what will happen in case the cloud server goes down or if the data gets lost. By asking this question, you will get to know how cloud service providers will take measures and steps to restore the server and data. Even if the data is encrypted, there are ways to get it back. You can also ask them to show you how they managed to recover data in the past.

    4. How often is the cloud managed and monitored?

    As you are storing your data on a third-party server, it is important to know how often the provider will manage and monitor the cloud server and the data stored in it. As the number of cyber attacks is increasing, cloud providers need to make sure they find all the vulnerabilities and plug it before it gets exploited. Find out how often they update their cloud servers. If the cloud isn’t monitored on a regular basis, you might end up losing money as expensive problems can arise. Ask your IT service provider in New Jersey about who will be keeping an eye on the cloud storage.

    5. Is the cloud storage certified?

    Due to the availability of a large number of cloud storage options, you need to ensure the cloud has been certified. To receive certifications from various boards, the cloud provider has to use the latest technology, the best practices, and procedures. Certified cloud storages have better security and are more trustworthy as they have a set of standards.

    Cloud technology is a great opportunity for businesses to cut down on costs and improve efficiency. By asking the above questions to your IT service provider in New Jersey, you will know whether they are stable and reliable like Computer Tech.