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  • IT Support – How To Choose the Right Data Backup Services for Your Business

  • The availability of many cloud backup solutions in the market today has made it very confusing to know the right one to choose for your business. Every backup solution provider is claiming they are the best, the fastest and the easiest, but most of these are just exaggerations.

    So, how do you know the one that would be right for you? How do you decipher that which is really fast, easy and reliable? I have put together a list of factors you should look out for when choosing a cloud data backup service and would be sharing them below.

    Quick and easy installation

    In business time is very essential and you should bear that in mind when choosing cloud data backup solution. The solution should be simple, easy to deploy and can be quickly installed with no hassle or need for employee intervention. The installation process should be seamless and done in no time. The whole cloud process should be done from remote location on the cloud and there should be no need to install anything on each computer or on your server.

    No manual set-up

    The backup configuration for your whole company should be done entirely on the cloud, without any need of having to manually configure the backup setting. Your data should automatically be backed-up in the cloud the moment you enter it. Any solution that requires that you manually configure setting and backup every data shouldn’t even be considered.

    Should also handle images

    Most people use separate software to handle the hard disk images store on local locations, despite the fact that they can find a cloud backup solution that does that as well. Choosing a cloud backup solution that also supports complete DR would help you save on the cost of having to worry about local storage, hard disks and servers.

    Ease of access

    How easily can you access the data on the cloud? For instance you are travelling and you forgot your computer. With the technology advancements of clouds, you should be able to access the data on the cloud in no time. But If you can’t or would require someone’s intervention before accessing the file, then that’s not the right cloud backup solution for you.

    It should have a “True” De-duplication technology

    The De-duplication technology allows only one copy of a particle file to be backed-up in cloud; it then uses pointers to acknowledge who can access the file. This would go a long way in saving space and it should be a mandatory requirement for any cloud service you should go for. It should also have a true cloud solution, this means that the backed up data would be stored in a top class storage facilities that can duplicate it throughout the global network.

    Most backup providers use a proprietary storage location, thereby backing p your data to their own server. This practice is a great risk and is not very secure or reliable. Many businesses have lost valuable data due to the use of proprietary backup locations.

    It should have a block level backup

     A block level backup otherwise known as Delta backup is an essential feature for any backup solution you should choose. The block level splits large files into smaller pieces, so you can backup only the part you desire. For instance, you receive a file of up to 1GB, without the block level backup, you would automatically backup the whole one gig and that would tie down your backup bandwidth. However the block level would allow you to open up the file and backup only the relevant sections.

    It should be secure

    The level of security of the backup is another important factor. Since, you would have very important and sensitive data stored on the cloud. You should make sure that it is very safe and secure. To access the security of a backup, you need to look at its encryption, make sure that is encrypted using AES-256 or a higher encryption. Ensure that the backup is encrypted from source and that you are given the capacity to authorize any personal encryptions for anyone in the company.

    Guarantee access your data at all times

    This is one of the top features of the cloud backup. You should be able to conveniently access the backup data at all times and all places with any device that is internet connected. You should not only view the documents, but also be able to modify, share and even delete those you deem irrelevant.


    You should also ensure that the backup is speedy. Backing up the data on a single pc is very time consuming, let alone that of your whole company. There are technologies that helps fasten the backup process. So make endeavor to choose a service provider that has such technology. A speedy backup and access process would give you a seamless data backup services experience.

    Strong management consoles

    This is an important factor that can make or break a cloud backup solution. The management console enables you to regulate access to the whole of your company’s backed-up data. You can monitor the activities of your employees and can also add edit and suspend users. You can control your security settings, create or modify backup policies and lots more.

    Most IT providers claim they have this feature, but they don’t, so you need to ask and ensure that they can provide it. The backup should have a variety of control functions which you can easily use to manage data access and users activities.

    Easy file restore

    The ease of restoring your important data is another factor you should consider for when choosing a Backup provider. Make sure that you can easily restore the entire data on your computer In the case of a system failure. You should also be able to recover data to its original location in the computer. Also the time taken to retrieve (restore) a backed up file should be very little. Time is of the essence in business and the faster you can access files the better. The restore option should enable you perform any restore operation like restoring previous versions of software and modified documents, restoring deleted files, performing a complete data recovery and more.


    I think you know this already, the last thing your business need is another enormous bill, so you need to ensure you get value for anything you spend. Make sure that the payment for the backup services is straightforward without any hidden charges.

    Finally, your business needs a strong data backup solution. the importance of having a reliable cloud backup becomes stronger by the day. And with so many provides in the market, if you look out for the essential features listed in this article, you would be able to easily know the ideal backup provider for your business.

    A reliable backup provider should have the necessary features like, a friendly user interface, various restore options, seamless access of files, a secure storage facility and more.

    The key to getting a good backup provider is to opt for a backup service provider that offers a complete package including adequate security, various file management options and has a fail-safe that would enable you easily restore your data when lost.

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