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  • IT Support New Jersey: Why Proactive is better than Reactive?

  • Do you believe it’s smarter to plan ahead or deal with things as they come? Is it better to scramble frantically last minute or is it better to be prepared? It’s always better to be prepared for anything as it is less stressful and more efficient than winging it. Professional IT support companies in New Jersey provides proactive and reactive assistance to companies. The majority of the companies are switching over to proactive IT Support New Jersey. Why is proactive better than reactive? Let’s take a look.

    Proactive IT support is better than reactive IT support

    In most cases, reactive IT support will end up costing way more than usual. For example, think about the engine of a car. A failure to change the oil on a regular basis can be detrimental to the car engine. Perhaps, you can run the car for thousands of miles before the engine stops working completely. When you ask the mechanic to fix your car, the price would be quite steep. However, if you change the oil every few thousand miles or so, your engine will continue to run without any issues, ultimately extending the life of your car.

    Even though computers lack moving parts unlike an engine, they are still prone to mechanical and software issues. One of the most common hardware that gets affected in the hard disk. As time goes on, the majority of the data in the hard disk gets fragmented. This is because of the way data is stored on the hard disk. The computer stuffs the information in every possible corner on the hard drive. Eventually, the functionality of the system gets affected by a characteristic we commonly know as lag. You can continue to run the system till you face extensive problems which will result in the system crashing. If there is a crash, your system may or may not recover. To retrieve the data in the system, you will have to shell out a large sum of money.

    Reactive IT support won’t have a clue about similar problems until it has become a major issue, resulting in expensive and extensive repair work. Proactive IT support functions just like how you take the car for maintenance. They find the issues before it becomes a massive problem and repairs them. With the help of IT support, you will be able to prolong the life of the system while maximizing it’s potential and simultaneously protecting your precious investment.

    Continuous monitoring

    At times, problems can crop at any time in a couple of seconds, minutes and hours. For example, if you download an attachment which is a virus, it won’t take long for it to infect your system. In proactive IT support, continuous monitoring is a part of their operations. This will help them deal with issues as they pop up. With proactive IT support, your business will be able to identify problems before they can do any damage to the system.

    As you can see, proactive IT support is more effective and efficient than reactive assistance. Proactive IT support provides your business secure and profitable methods of operation. Reactive IT support not only costs more money in the long run as your company will remain inactive till they fix all the problems but also affect the overall productivity of the company. No business owner ever wants their company to go through downtime. Partner with a proactive IT support company in New Jersey, like Computer Tech.