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  • New Jersey IT Support: Ensuring you get the right type of help

  • Choosing a New Jersey IT Support provider for your business can be a very daunting task. With so many players in the market, deciding which of them to choose is very confusing as there are several factors that you need to consider.

    So, I have listed some pointers that would enable you know if you have the right IT guys.

    How is their understanding of your business?

    This is one of the most important factors which are why it’s been mentioned first. Are you sure the New Jersey IT Support understands your business needs? Do they know how your business work, how you are found by customers? Do they know how your organization’s internal processes work?

    There should be a connection between you and your IT Support providers, you should be able to talk to them, explaining the problems you have and the specific solutions you desire without having to having to go into technical details that you are unfamiliar with. There should be a relationship between you and them, such that they would even be the ones pinpointing areas of your business that would improve with technology.

    They should be able to explain their solution in very comprehensive details, proposing to you how each component would enhance your business.

    Do they have similar working culture?

    Another factor to look out for is the New Jersey IT Support provider’s working policies and culture. Can they align with that of your organization? Knowing that they would be visiting your business to fix your tech, and might also have to train your staffs on how to handle various hardware and software. You need to ascertain if they are a good fit.

    Different organizations have their different working culture, you need people that would employ the right level of patience, tactfulness and has the interest of your business at hand.

    How’s the Quality of their proposals?

    Before hiring an IT support team, you should first request that they submit a proposal detailing how they intend to approach the issue your organization face. You should review the proposal.

    Is it readable? : Did the provider take time to explain how they intend doing the job? Can you really understand what fixes they want to make simply by reading the proposal? If not, can you easily access the provider for further explanations?

    Are the various costs clearly explained? Are you satisfied with the explanation given for each cost on the proposal? Are you certain that there are no hidden charges?

    Is it a bespoke solution? Does the suggested solutions feels like they were made specifically for your business? Do they cover all the IT related issues you raised? Do you feel that the provider is genuinely trying to provide you the best solution or simply pushing you to products they prefer?

    How are their Prices and values?

    Price is a very important factor when considering your choice of IT partner. You can obtain proposals from various IT companies and compare them to know which is more cost effective. However you also need to analyze what each of them is offering and how it would benefit your business.

    You need to consider the overall value of what they aim to deliver and not just focus on price alone. Choosing the wrong solution would end up making you spend more.

    Do they have the needed expertise?

    IT is a very broad industry encompassing a wide range of areas including networking, communication, security, data management and storage, operational support and more. So you need to ensure that the New Jersey IT Support provider has the required expertise to offer you IT services in area that is relevant to your business.

    You don’t necessarily need to find a IT Support provider which can cover all your business needs. You just need to ensure that they are well grounded in their area of specialization.

    Do they have the needed certifications and Accreditation?

    Accreditations and certifications would let you know if the IT Support provider has the expertise and whether they are reliable. Accreditations from reputable third party technology firms are only gotten by demonstrating consistent and reliable skill and knowledge of the industry.

    You can look for proof of accreditations to regulatory government agency, proof of accreditation from top IT companies.

    How broad is their expertise?

    This is also related to the issue of expertise of the provider. Having a provider that has a wide range of expertise is great, but it could only be beneficial if all they all apply to your business.

    An instance of an IT Support with experience in communication, servers and data backup, can be able to develop a perfect information strategy for your business. This would decrease cost and save you the energy and time of having to look for each service provider individually.

    Do they have the team?

    All IT company is built on the team, and the size varies across different companies, from small teams to one person operated IT companies and then the large organizations with hundreds of staffs.

    Most small and medium business prefers the small teams team firms and even the one person operated firms than large service providers. You should choose the New Jersey IT Support that suits your business. If you engage the small or one person personnel IT firms, then ensure that they would have adequate cover in case of emergencies. So you would be without support in such times.

    Some have argued that smaller teams provides more personalized services when compare to the large concerns. However, there might be issues of capacity if most of their clients call for support concurrently.

    Though the large service providers give much stronger reassurances and a bit of lower cost, there is a loss of personal touch in their services delivery. You might have to work with different IT technicians anytime you call for them.

    For most clients they prefer a medium IT service provider, as they have the needed team members, assurance and also provide you with personalized services.


    Despite the fact that most IT functions and solutions can be performed remotely, it is still necessary to consider location when opting for an IT consultant. There might be cases of emergencies which would require them to reach your business quickly and if they are far off, it may affect your business productivity.

    Most clients opt for distant IT Support because of cost or expertise, and most times they realize that they barely get to see those who they are supposed to be supporting. So you need to be sure that you would be getting the support you are paying for. If you choose a distant supplier, make sure that they are committed and have the capacity to respond to you at all times.

    Choosing the right New Jersey IT Support is a big decision that might have a great impact on your business. To ensure that you make the right decisions, use the points listed above as guide.

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