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  • Best Cloud Computing Services and Support in NJ

  • Cloud computing has radically changed the business IT landscape.

    Today, most components of an IT environment are provided as a cloud service. Cloud computing has become very popular due to is numerous advantages as it enables you to achieve so much at very little cost.

    However, to take full advantage of cloud computing, you need to put address some basic technical issues. Firstly, you need to decipher what you can put in the cloud, the type of cloud that is best for your business, the kind of cloud security you need and other essential issues.

  • So what can you achieve with cloud storage?

    Utilizing cloud-based software

    One of the commonest ways businesses utilize cloud computing is through the use of the cloud-based software. There are lots of cloud-hosted applications that you can use for your business. You can also upload your own software in the cloud. For instance, if you have the particular software you want to distribute to your employees in different offices, all you have to do is to put it in the cloud and with the right access credentials, they would all access it.

    Utilizing Hardware in the Cloud

    As your business continues to grow, you will notice that you require more IT infrastructures like storage devices, servers, and networking equipment etc. however instead of buying, for example, a specific server, you may benefit by using a cloud storage service which would enable your employees to share and store files.

    Utilizing Cloud for Essential IT Operations

    There several essential IT operations that could be put in the cloud. This would reduce your running cost and also reduce the hassle of backing up your data.

    There are lots of other ways you can utilize Cloud computing. However, deciding what to put in the cloud is not so easy because of the many possibilities and the technicalities involved. So, you need professional help to ascertain those areas of your business that you can benefit from by putting them in the cloud.

    Our team of engineers would work with you to provide all the information you need, they would help you determine which aspect of your IT, you can integrate to the cloud and how best to take advantages of your cloud computing. They would analyze your business and give you all the information you need to fully optimize your cloud resources.

  • What types of clouds should you use?

    Another important decision you have to makes is the type of cloud to use. There are basically three main types of clouds available. Public, private and hybrid clouds.

    Using Public Clouds

    There are many clouds you could have heard of, like Dropbox, Ms. Office, or Google drive. These are all public clouds. The provider uses the same hardware to deliver the cloud services to all its customers. They use the same servers, networking device, storage device when delivering these services. So, if you are using Dropbox, all your data would be stored in the same hardware housing that of other subscribers.

    Any data you store will be sent to the services providers’ facility where the cloud hardware is. The public cloud providers are responsible for managing the IT infrastructure stored in the cloud.

    Public cloud has a number of benefits. First, you don’t need any large capital investment to get it running, you also don’t have to worry about the management of the stored IT resources, as it would be done by the cloud providers.

    Using Private Clouds

    Private clouds are owned by individual companies. These businesses use the cloud services for the operations of their business and they own and manage the hardware used to host the data.

    You can own your own private cloud, specifically meant for your business. You can also lease a private cloud from a private cloud provider. In both cases, you get a dedicated hardware.

    The private cloud is mostly beneficial, because it has tighter security, as you won’t have to share the hardware with other organizations. You won’t have to fear about certain issues like losing your data to viruses from other people’s data. You also get to control the access to the data uploaded to the cloud.

    Hybrid Clouds

    A hybrid cloud allows you to use both public and private clouds. Both clouds are operated independently, but there is a connection between them. There is also a possibility of achieving data portability between the two clouds hosts.

    The hybrid cloud is very beneficial as it enables you to customize your storage. For instance, you can save less sensitive documents on the public cloud, while you utilize the private cloud for data that requires tighter security.

  • Which Cloud Security You Will Need?

    Though all the clouds are good, however, there are certain factors to consider, when making your choice. You need to consider the type of data you want to store, the sensitivity of the applications you intend putting or using the cloud and several other factors. You need expert help to fully maximize the gains of cloud computing.

    Our team would review the various options available to you and direct you to make the right decision that compliments your business goals and security needs.

  • Finding the Right Solution for Your Business

    With the popularity of cloud computing and the numerous options that abound, finding the right cloud solution for your business can be very hectic as there are so many options to consider.

    If you are having any challenge in this regard. Our team of technicians would work with you to achieve the best possible cloud solution for your business. They would review all aspects of your business, including your hardware, software, your operational routines, security requirement and lots more, and they would make recommendations based on your business’s specific needs.

    No matter what you decide about your IT solutions, our team would assist you all through to achieve and seamlessly implement the best cloud solutions for your IT environment.

    Get in touch with us today so you can start enjoying all the benefits of cloud computing.