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    Modern business relies on modern technology to function. Computer systems are deeply integrated with every part of business, from marketing to customer acquisition to order fulfillment and point of sale systems. When these computer systems fail:

    • You lose productivity as employees are unable to work.
    • You lose customers, as orders cannot be processed or payments received.
    • You lose business opportunities as communications fail.
    • You lose money as your bottom line takes a hit.

    With these digital systems being critical to our daily operations, letting them fail is no longer an option. Your New Jersey business needs a managed IT services company that: guarantees uptime, provides immediate response SLAs, and solves problems before they affect production.

    What goes into keeping your business technology running smoothly?

    Keeping Hardware and Software Updated

    Both hardware and software need updates to continue functioning correctly and safely. Updates add new features, fix bugs, optimize the user experience, close security holes, and add compatibility for other systems. They are, in short, essential.

    Software and Hardware Updates

    Our managed IT services are proactive with patching. We understand that a patch can change certain parts of your workflow and that older systems might rely on deprecated features. As such, we thoroughly research every patch before we apply it and do everything we can to ensure compatibility while still using patches to minimize security problems or gaps in coverage.

    Whether it’s fixing bugs, preventing cyberattacks, or just adding features, patching computer systems is a core component of the managed security systems that we provide.

    Tracking IT Assets

    Do you know which of your employees has been issued a laptop to work from home? Do you know how many iPhones your staff uses for business? Do you have enough licenses for your cloud software to cover your whole business? 

    Network Optimization Chart

    It’s critical to track IT assets, physical devices, and digital licenses in New Jersey, New York, and beyond.

    It can help you:

    Create a database of devices, serial numbers, conditions, and who has been assigned the machine or asset.

    • Track digital assets, such as third-party accounts, cloud service keys, and more.
    • Monitor installed programs, including license keys, to ensure each device has the software they need.
    • Track devices through your company lifecycle, from purchase and assignment to disposal when the device is damaged or replaced.
    • Monitor license expirations to appropriately renew accounts and avoid service disruptions.
    • Track software keys and volume licenses to avoid over-paying for unused seats or accounts.
    • Our managed IT services help track your physical and digital assets, so you never overpay for unused hardware or software, and you never leave employees with no way to work.

    Comprehensive Cybersecurity

    One of the biggest threats to a modern business is a digital attack.

    Cybersecurity Team

    Modern threat vectors range from:

    • Phishing. Broadly-formulated emails attempt to trick employees into giving away information.
    • Spear-Phishing. Carefully targeted emails attempt to phish information from essential managers, executives, and C-levels.
    • Malware. Malware is software that attempts to infect and destroy data on your servers or computer systems.
    • Ransomware. Ransomware encrypts your critical business data and holds the decryption key up for ransom. These attackers often require payment in cryptocurrency.
    • DDoS attacks. Malicious actors flood your servers with requests to prevent legitimate business traffic from getting through.

    With all of these threats, your small business could benefit from adequate protection and security services. That means up-to-date patching, firewalls, VPNs for remote workers, and other security measures. It also means user verification, employee training, account security measures, and more. On top of that, it means patching and updating business systems to remove threat vectors. IT security is something that most companies don’t realize they needed until it’s too late.

    Data Backups and Disaster Recovery

    The cybersecurity arms race is impossible to win, and there are too many threat vectors out there to counter them all fully. If the worst happens and your systems are compromised, can you recover?

    PC Data Recovery

    Cyberattacks are not the only existential threats to a modern business. What happens if a network server or hard drive crashes? What happens when hardware fails? What happens if there’s a fire in your office, an earthquake, or a flood?

    Our top-tier managed IT services address all of the local problems you may experience in New Jersey and the further-ranging threats that come from the internet. We can provide data backups and recovery so that even if the worst happens, you can be up and running again with little or no data loss. We can help create and develop a disaster recovery plan and put it into action if the worst should happen.

    Performance Monitoring and Optimization

    Software isn’t a black box. Modern IT solutions run in known ways, and sometimes they can cause problems. If you’ve ever had a “slow network,” a website timing out, or application downtime that hurts your business, you know how frustrating it can be to have no recourse with your IT infrastructure.

    Managed IT Business Services

    Part of our comprehensive IT consulting services is process and performance monitoring. We track technical details like memory utilization, processor utilization, disc space, and active connections. We ensure that the appropriate digital cleanup is happening. 

    If our monitors detect a problem, we can solve that problem, both with quick actions that clear the disruption and permanent technology solutions that prevent it from happening again. And, if these issues occur with a third-party vendor or Cloud-based service, we reach out to the vendor to work with them to prevent the problem from happening in the future.

    Best of all, all of this happens behind the scenes. Your New Jersey business can function entirely without ever seeing these issues crop up, knowing with confidence that we’re working behind the scenes to ensure business continuity.

    Modern Work-From-Home

    More and more people are working from home. Some work from home a few days a week, while others are fully remote.

    Modern Work From Home

    Managing remote workers can be a chore, but we’ve got you covered.

    • Asset tracking ensures that remote workers have the devices, software, and accounts necessary to operate from home.
    • Device monitoring allows you to ensure employees are working and that their devices are appropriately accessing your networks.
    • Secure network tunnels and VPNs provide additional security to avoid remote intrusion into your network.
    • Help desk support solutions to keep your team organized and connected remotely.

    Everything you need to ensure a productive and secure remote workforce is provided as part of our total managed service provider (MSP) package in New Jersey.

    Business Peace of Mind

    How much do you think everything we’ve listed above costs? How many full-time IT employees do you need to manage it all, complete with after-hours coverage? Trying to manage everything in-house while preventing anything from slipping through the cracks and opening your business up to lost productivity or cyberattack is a tall order.

    Peace of Mind at Work

    In New Jersey, our managed IT services are top of the line. You get all of the above and more, plus customizations to tailor tech support services to your business, your needs, and your specifications. Our services are entirely customizable whether we’re handling everything for you or working with your onsite IT department.

    Reach out to us today for a FREE consultation and analysis of your business goals. Please schedule a consultation or call us today.

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