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  • Unified communications have become a buzzword in the IT industry over the past few years. Unifying your communication mode is the perfect way to optimize your business processes.

  • What is unified communication and collaboration?

    Unified communication is a technological enhancement that unifies different modes of communication into a single interface. Communication channels like emailing, instant messaging, voice messaging, video and conferencing, voice over IP and others are integrated to become one interface.

    Whether you are at home, in the office or traveling, a unified communication interface can be extremely beneficial to you and your business as it provides you with several communication options all available on one device.

    All you have to do is to unify all your communication and collaboration platforms to have them all running independently.

  • Integrating unified communication and collaboration

    It’s most likely that you already have the basic phone and mailing systems available for your business, as that makes it easier to find additional communication tools to integrate into your business.

    If you have the VoIP system for your business, it becomes a lot easier to integrate the unified communication services by using advanced technologies to streamline its existing communication procedure.

    This would enable you to access various communication modes from a single interface. For instance, you can make a call, send mail, attend to video conferences, use voicemails and instant chats all from a single device either a computer, Smartphone, notebooks, etc.

    Having this in place would benefit your business greatly; it would reduce the downtime spent on the road and in turn increase productivity.

    A unified communication and collaboration services would also increase the options of communication channels available to your business, making communication amongst employees easier.

    Benefits of unified communication and collaboration

    Unifying your communication into one interface has so many advantages, including.

  • Easy management and flexibility

    Since unified communication allows you to have only one interface, it reduces the stress of management. You would only need one server for all communication channels and have only few interface hardware to maintain.

    This can enhance your business flexibility, as you can easily get quick access to timely information and reports anywhere you are with an internet connected device.

    It allows you to experiment new ideas and have complete control over your communication infrastructure.

  • Reduce IT Spending

    Instead of having to pay for several products that you don’t fully utilize, a unified communication system allows you to combine all the tools and still pay a single monthly cost. It would also reduce the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining hardware.

    Improved Productivity

    Unifying your communication presents your business with several interaction modes. This, in turn, increases response time and reduces the communication gap between various teams, as they can easily communicate with each other anywhere around the world.

    The availability of effective real time communication also fastens organization decision making and increases productivity.

    Employees can quickly get important updates and other information, and also easily contact the office or other employees wherever they are.

    You can have organizational meetings, right in their offices through video conferences or VoIP, and this can reduce time spent traveling and efficiently increases productivity.

    Setting Up a Unified Communication and Collaboration System

    There are different communication and collaboration tools, and each one of them designed in a specific way. To implement the interface unification, you need to understand these underlying specifications. For example, your email system can be premised on the cloud. Phone calls can be done through voice over IP (VoIP) and lots more.

    Computertech Enables You to Communicate and Collaborate With Ease

    Setting up a unified communication and collaboration interface could be very complicating as it requires expertise and experience. That’s where we come in. We will eliminate the problem of setting up your comm system by providing you with expert installation and configuration services.

    We would first of all review your business so as to know the comms option that is best for you. Then we would help you to install your new communication and collaboration tools and then carry out the unification process.

    Our team can also provide consistent, top-notch comms management and monitoring services, to ensure that your communication is secure and always working excellently.

    We can also provide intensive training for your staffs to enable them quickly understand how to use each of the communication features. There are several benefits of implementing a communication and collaboration integration, and many businesses have attested to this. Don’t be left out.

    Feel free to contact us today, to talk to the communication experts.