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  • Data is the heart of every business, and implementing a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy is a perfect way to ensure your data is protected.

    Have you thought of what would happen if your customer data or accounting file gets corrupt and becomes unrecoverable? What will happen if one of your business computers containing vital data is stolen? Or in the occurrence of natural disasters, hardware breakdown or any other critical circumstances that flush out your entire data.

    These incidences happen daily to businesses. Files become corrupt. Hard drives fail. Servers collapse. Important folders are mistakenly deleted and so on.

    There is also the risk of major disasters like fire incidence, Ransomware attacks on crucial business files and many others.

    So you need to ensure your business is prepared for minor and major catastrophes. And the only to that is by creating a proper data backup strategy and an IT disaster recovery plan for your business.

  • Devising a Data Backup Strategy for your Business

    Developing a data backup strategy and IT disaster recovery plan can seem overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before. It requires specific IT expertise and experience.

    However, there is no point to worry about this. Our team of experienced IT engineers would work with you to develop a tailored and hassle-free data backup strategy that automatically stores your business data to a highly secured and high-tech data center.

    We will provide you a data recovery plan that would ensure that you recover your data within a short time in a case of loss.

    Our Data Backup Strategy

    The data recovery strategy would be shaped to fit your all unique business needs. We would consider all aspects of the firm including the type of data you store, your industry, your security requirements and other factors to provide the ultimate data recovery strategy for your business.

    What we offer:

    Secure storage of your data

    Usually, you are required to backup your data on a daily basis. However, this might not always be possible due to time and financial restraint.

    With our data backup strategy, you don’t need to spend all day backing up data. You would enable you to easily backup all your data with just a mouse click.

    Choose different Backup options

    Long gone are the days when you can only choose either a differential or incremental backups. Our data backup strategy will provide you various backup options, including system image backups, continuous data backups and more. You can also get a combination of several backup techniques as a hybrid solution which would be a more appropriate fit for your company.

    Guaranteed Safety of Backed Up Files

    Keeping multiple copies of your backed-up data is essential. While one copy should be left on site for easy access, another copy should be kept out of site for recovery purposes in case of any mishap on the onsite copy. We will provide you a unique backup plan that stores your backed-up data in a secure and high-tech location that guarantees absolute safety.

    Determine if the backed-up file is right

    It would be extremely painful for you to find out that the backed up data is corrupt when trying to recover it. Hence, backed up data should be tested to ensure they are accessible when you require them.

    We will design a data recovery strategy that would make it possible for you to quickly check incremental and full recovery of your data, to ensure that it is properly backed-up.

    The ultimate data recovery strategy

    Our IT team would study your business painstakingly, make necessary inquiries, and after that guide you on the best data backup strategy for you.

    We can also perform a critical backup validation test to ensure that your backed-up data can be quickly restored when needed.

  • Devising an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

    When most people see the word IT data recovery, the first thing they think about is backups. However, putting the necessary backups in place is just a part of the IT data recovery process.

    Essential Components of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

    A dependable IT data recovery strategy should enable you to get your systems running within a short time, following any catastrophe. It should provide a roadmap that helps you get all the major IT components of your business up to gear without having to go through lengthy procedures. Your strategy should incorporate and provide recovery measures for all your software, hardware, and your connectivity.

    Let’s take, for instance, the software you have for your business. An effective data recovery strategy would ensure that you can immediately access and re-install copies of that software after a disaster, so your business doesn't experience any downtime.

    Business Continuity

    It is very imperative to ensure your business continuity plan is efficient. We would evaluate your current recovery intend to make sure that it meets the stated Recovery-Time-Objective and the Recovery Point Objective.

  • How can we help you?

    At Computertech, we ensure that our customers don’t have to worry about their IT disaster recovery. Our team of technicians would work meticulously to put the necessary measures that would ensure that your business data is safe. They would ensure that all sections of your recovery strategy work as planned. We can carry out regular IT recovery test to make certain that your plan works perfectly.

    With over 20 years of providing exceeding IT services to numerous customers, we are well versed with the merits and demerits of each IT recovery option available to you. We would ask crucial questions about your business and make our recommendation based on the kind of data you have, your business processes, systems, industry, and regulations.

    Don’t leave your business vulnerable for another day. Join the hundreds of companies that are enjoying the benefits of the Computertech Data Backup Services and Disaster Recovery. We don’t just don't backup. We ensure that it is backed-up.

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