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  • Security is a major concern for any business. Many businesses have been victims of cyber-attacks and many are still falling for it daily.

    These cyber criminals take on all types of business, but most of their targets are small businesses. They target small businesses because they don’t have the resources and expertise to fend them off.

    So, the only way to avoid being a victim of such situation is to put in place measures to protect your business. You may already have anti-malware set-up to detect and block viruses and Ransom ware. However, that is just the basic measures. There are several other steps you could take to protect your business.

    Reducing your Security Vulnerabilities

    Cyber-attacks would only be successful if your security is weak. The cyber criminals exploit the vulnerability of your system. You can make it very hard for them to succeed by addressing the security flaws in your business. Below are some basic steps you can take.

    Ensure all your systems are updated.

    Once your operating system or application is outdated, it becomes weak and very vulnerable. Weak software creates a slip-up which the cyber criminals exploit to successfully carry out their attacks. So, when you update the software those venerable are eliminated and your business protected.

    Upgrade your hardware

    Just like software, the hardware is also venerable to cyber exploitation. When your hardware like PC, routers, printers or other outdated hardware, they also create a space which cybercriminals can exploit. So you also need to get rid of that outdated hardware and get the latest models.

    Train your Employees

    Your employees are a foremost line of defense against cyber attacks, however, they are also very vulnerable. Your whole organization can be at risk if one of your employees is successfully hacked. Your whole company data and systems could be at risk. So you need to get them informed on the best practices that would make them security cautious.

    We can help you!

    Getting your security right is a tough job. But not to worry, we have you covered. Our team of security experts would analyze your business and identify the major areas that leave your business prone to attacks. We will then work with you to take the necessary steps to address those vulnerabilities and reduce your business cyber risk.

    Common cyber-attack patterns

    Phishing and Spear Phishing

    This is a method cyber criminals us to obtain sensitive information about their prospective victims. This practice has been around for many years and so many businesses and individuals have fallen prey to it. Though people have become very aware of it, it is still very effective.

    Cyber criminals could pose as legitimate businesses or agencies in a bid to obtain sensitive documents or login credentials. For instance, you could receive a mail that your business has won a contract you bided for and you would be required to provide certain information to proceed. Though you may think you won’t fall prey to this, but believe me, these guys are very convincing and they can get to one of your employees. That’s why you need to train them on the workings of cyber security.

    Malicious files

    Cyber criminals use attachments to install malicious malware on their victims’ computer. They could send you a seeming important Microsoft word or PDF file containing malicious codes. So when you attempt to open the files, you install the malware or ransomware to your computer system. Then, they would demand a ransom before they give you the anti-virus or release your data. So, it’s important to always ensure that every email and attachments you receive are crossed checked to confirm that they are from known sources before opening them.

    Social Engineering

    In social engineering, the cyber criminal works to exploit the behavior of their victims in a bid to swindle them to release sensitive business information or gain access to business systems or accounts. Cyber criminals prefer social engineering, knowing it’s easier to exploit the human mind than hacking into security systems.

    To attain this, they may pose as employees, customer or suppliers or even representative of outside authority organizations. To sound convincing, they take their time to study your business lingo, so when they encounter your employees and use the terms the employees are familiar with, the employees are more likely to believe them and do what they request.

    The cyber criminals are everywhere looking for unsuspected business people to defraud. They are on the social media, the Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms lurking unsuspected people of very sensitive information.

    How can you stop them?

    Each passing day, these cyber criminals devices new means of attacking businesses. So even with most measures in place, they might still be able to find a slip. This is another reason why it’s important to backup your systems. Though a backup won’t stop cyber attacks, but it would go a long way to secure your business. For example, if you fall a victim of ransomware attack, instead of paying the ransom, you could easily restore your backed-up data.

    We can help you.

    To successfully protect your business, you need to have full information on the operations of these cybercriminals and how they may likely attack your business.

    For over 20 years, computertech has been helping small to medium business successfully secure themselves from cyber attacks. Our team has firsthand experience combating cyber crime and they can share our vast knowledge with your employees to equip them to become formidable of defense against cyber attacks.

    We will also analyze your business and point out the most vulnerable areas which cyber criminals are most likely to exploit. This would go a long way in protecting your business and ensuring continuity.

    Don’t leave your business unprotected for one more day, security is a continuous process.

    Feel free to contact us. Schedule a call with our team now.