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    The goal of any business is to grow and stay connected. As your business grows, though, so too do your needs. Larger companies need more extensive infrastructures, more significant investments in technology, and complex skills to manage it all. All of this can lead to a rise in expenses, as well.

    What if we told you there was a way you could:

    • Save money on your IT needs with cost-effective solutions that match your business goals.
    • Increase the quality, reliability, and stability of your tech infrastructure.
    • Access fast and reliable service to fix issues, large and small, as they arise.
    • Gain peace of mind knowing your IT is in good hands.
    • Take advantage of outsourcing your managed IT support to a New Jersey company.
    • Eliminate the need to staff a full-time IT department.

    It’s true. What you need is an IT Support Specialist.

    Why You Need Specialist IT Support for Your Business

    IT support specialists are a vital part of any modern business. Hiring them on your team means competing against every other company with IT needs, which is nearly every company. Instead, outsource your IT to a managed service provider. Our IT support comes with numerous benefits.

    We’re knowledgeable in the field of business IT.

    When you contact us for IT support in New Jersey, you give you the best that we can provide. We know how to analyze your business and determine your needs while working with you to establish a growth plan. We talk to more than just your executive team; we get a ground-level analysis of how technology is actually used within your company and how we can improve that tech.

    New Jersey Local Business Repair

    Once we’ve done the groundwork, we build the IT infrastructure you need to keep your business running smoothly and growing. We help develop a short-term IT plan and long-term IT strategies.

    Whether it’s cloud-based services with Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS, working within the Google Cloud Platform, or establishing on-premises services, we can handle it all. We know how to set it up, we know how to fix it if it breaks, we know how to prevent it from breaking in the first place, and more.

    We offer proactive monitoring and support.

    Modern technology means modern threats. The internet abounds with attacks from all angles, from phishing to malware to crypto-lockers and ransomware. A good IT team needs to know about these threats and how to deal with them.

    Protected Computer

    Depending on your contract, we can offer:

    • Up-to-date hardware and software maintained with the latest patches and security updates.
    • Proactive support to ensure updates are applied in a timely fashion.
    • Ongoing monitoring of IT systems to detect threats, bugs, downtime, intrusion, or other issues.
    • Patches, fixes, and hardware replacements with a fast turnaround time.
    • Continuous backups to ensure that disaster recovery is quick and easy in the event of a catastrophe.
    • Cloud solutions for infinite scalability and industry-leading uptime guarantees.
    • Help desk support services and remote support.
    • Security solutions, including cyber attack prevention, network hardening, and more.

    Your technology needs to grow as your business grows, and so too do our services.

    We scale and grow with your business needs.

    Businesses grow, but they also shrink in hard times or during the off-season. Managed IT services like ours are designed to scale with your business. When you need less, you pay for less, and when you need more, you can scale up quickly and easily. As an MSP, our success relies on your success, so we’re invested in you.

    Office Computers

    Our IT systems and plans grow with your business, and so does our service. Whether it’s the long and gradual growth of a company or a sudden influx of lucrative contracts, we’re there with you to help make it happen. You’ll never be caught unable to fulfill your contracts or offer your services at scale.

    Our support staff is available to help, 24/7.

    A modern business needs to be available around the clock. Whether it’s during the peak hours of the year’s busiest day or in the wee hours of the night on holiday, we can offer urgent computer support if an issue crops up. Our support services are available at all times of the day.

    Remote 247 Help

    Not only are we available when you have an issue and need to call us, but we’re also actively monitoring your systems and have alerts set up to identify and fix issues before you even notice them. Every issue is fixed before you notice it. Our goal is to minimize downtime.

    No system is perfect, and even the best IT support services globally don’t have a 100% uptime guarantee. Things break, and utilities like power or internet can have outages. However, we can offer the next best thing. We promise to provide the best possible service with the shortest response times we can. Our New Jersey offices ensure that we’re local to your business and, if we need to visit in person to fix problems, we can do so quickly and easily.

    What You Get When You Contact Us

    At Computertech, we strive to provide the best possible IT services for businesses in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. From start to finish, we’re there at your side, ensuring you have the best IT support you can get. Our services include:

    • Analysis of your business needs.
    • Development of a short-term IT strategy.
    • Development of long-term IT growth plans.
    • Scaled IT support.
    • IT infrastructure and networking services and support.
    • Communication and collaboration with your leadership and IT staff.
    • Proactive IT security, firewall monitoring, and patching.
    • Cybersecurity knowledge, awareness, and protection.
    • Cloud computing help and support, help desk services, and on-site support.
    • Remote monitoring and management.
    • Robust data backups.
    • Tested and verified disaster recovery processes.
    • High-level IT consulting services and strategic planning.
    • Peace of mind.

    When you outsource your IT support with Computertech in New Jersey, you’re getting more than just business hours support. You’re getting a robust network and infrastructure, proactive support, and high-level strategy. You’re also getting peace of mind, knowing that your IT is in good hands and that failure is not a possibility.

    Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and review of our IT offerings, analysis of your needs, and a one-on-one conversation with our IT specialists, or call us to book our services straight away. Whether you’re a small business or a mid-sized company looking to grow, no business is too large or too small.

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