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  • Every business notwithstanding the size of their operations requires technology to run successfully today. With the cost of running an in-house It department, most small to medium sized enterprises prefers to outsource their IT management. And that is because they can get more quality services and attention at a very lower cost.

    Most small businesses don’t seem to realize how beneficial a managed IT services can be to their businesses.

    No matter the industry you are, be it auto industry, banking industry, real estate sector, etc., having an expert IT management services would enable you to focus on the core areas of your business where your expertise is required.

    Having a reliable and experienced IT service provider can transform your business and make it grow.

    When it comes to the provision of small business IT support, there is no better name than Computer tech.

    We are the experts in small to medium IT services provision. Our team can work with you to create a tailored IT solution for your business while working within your budget.

    Our services include:

    • IT Infrastructure Services and Networking

    • Communication and Collaboration

    • IT Security

    • Cloud Computing

    • Help Desk and Onsite Support

    • Remote Monitoring and IT Management

    • Data Backup Services and Disaster Recovery

    • IT Consulting and Strategy

    Your business is very importance to us, and we would ensure that you don’t experience any downtime while working to grow your business.

  • Here are some of the reasons our clients choose us.

    Availability of expert support

    Providing IT solutions require that the provider understands the needs of your business. At Computer Tech, we strive to provide the strategic IT direction your business needs to grow. We have a team of certified IT professionals with several years of experience providing quality services for clients, and they are always available to work out any IT challenge you to face swiftly. They would also provide expert opinion and all the necessary information you need to choose the right IT solution for your business.

    Budget-friendly IT support

    We understand the need for businesses to keep to a budget, considering the income issues associated with upcoming companies. So we offer a cost efficient and flexible IT support that would ensure that your business works continuously without any technical hitches. We provide adequate support for businesses of all sizes. You can choose any of our support option that suits your business need.

    You can opt for the monthly payment basis, or you go with flexible pay as you go option. All our plans are transparent with no hidden charges or extra costs.

    High tech cyber security

    Many businesses have the latest technological innovations at their disposal, but they make the mistake of not putting in place the necessary security requirements to safeguard their assets. We provide optimal protection for all your IT investments. Our team would inspect of your IT assets and create a bespoke security and backup plan for your business. We would also access your hardware and software to ensure they are correctly installed.

    Reduce downtime.

    Nothing frustrates employees more than not been able to carry out their work because of technological malfunctions. This would also affect your productivity. Well not to worry, with our superfast IT solution, you are sure to get help whenever you need it.

    Our team of technicians would maintain your IT and provide a quick fix in the case of any issue. We can correctly install all your solutions so your business would run smoothly, reducing downtime and driving productivity.

    We know our way around IT, we also understand the needs of small businesses and our specialty is providing the best IT support that would optimize their operations and propel growth.

    Your IT infrastructures are meant to make your employees work more efficiently, and we are here to ensure that they don’t encounter any hitch while doing that.

    IT support isn’t just about providing the needed support when necessary; it's more about ensuring that your business works more efficiently and productively.

    Don’t let IT problems run you down, contact the solution providers that care for your business.

    Take up our free consultation offering and speak to the experts in IT solutions.