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    Picking a local IT firm for your New Jersey company can be tricky since not every firm will offer the services you need to maintain a functional business. In addition, certain services are more critical than others when looking for a firm to source your information technology needs. During the search, keeping an eye out for what applies specifically to your needs is vital to ensuring that you are not paying for anything you do not need.

    The world of IT in New Jersey is full of potential firms, but only some can provide the wide array of services you will undoubtedly need. You might even be tempted to outsource to an IT firm beyond New Jersey’s borders, though there are reasons why this would be a poor decision.

    With this article, we hope to help guide you to understand what you should be looking for in an IT firm.

    The Help Desk

    The first thing you should be on the lookout for with an IT firm is their help desk services. Picture the help desk you are accustomed to in a shopping mall or museum. When it comes to information technology services, the principle is remarkably similar. However, instead of giving directions about where specific attractions are, they give directions on how to restore the functionality of a company machine.

    During the workday, it will be common for software issues to arise in the middle of tasks and leave even the most skilled employees unable to fulfill their duties. The help desk services of an IT firm will allow employees to contact the firm’s representatives to find solutions and minimize downtime. Depending on the severity of the issue, some solutions might take more time to implement than others and even result in a representative from the firm remotely controlling the afflicted machine to resolve the solution.

    The Help Desk

    The help desk services of IT firms will vary from facility to facility. Some of the main benefits that certain New Jersey firms offer include 24/7 service so that you can maintain your systems any time of the day without fail. The right firm will provide you with a wide pool of certified technicians who can address any and all issues a company can experience on the job.

    When seeking out an IT firm of any kind in New Jersey, you should be on the lookout for a firm that offers a help desk with remote system troubleshooting and online support to minimize downtime and avoid having to wait for a technician to come into the office to fix the issue. A remote help desk service is a key component of any IT service that is not a physical part of the company. While the helpdesk is undoubtedly one of the most vital services to look for, it is not the only one.

    Custom Consulting and Strategy Services

    Perhaps the most critical part of any IT firm is the type of solutions and the kind of consultations they can produce. There are many IT firms in New Jersey, but most of them prefer to use standard practices with little in the way of customization. They are the IT equivalent of a box of crayons with only one color.

    Other firms, however, will instead make customized options designed for the specific needs and goals of their contracted company. The best IT firms will consider many factors when delivering a solution for their client’s issue. Among them will be:

    • Your company’s specific configuration and network infrastructure.
    • Your opinions on cloud-based systems like AWS or Azure.
    • The specific IT needs of your employees in their daily tasks.
    • Your budget for IT infrastructure, software, and support.
    • Industry-specific regulations, oversight, and compliance.

    Custom Strategy Services

    With these variables in mind, the best IT firms will craft customized solutions and long-term plans for your IT network for you and then help to maintain it. Certain New Jersey IT firms like ours will even help you strategize in the long-term about how to improve the network for future use.

    So, your search for an IT firm should include ensuring that the firm is an adaptive one that crafts custom solutions for your needs and will help improve your network over time. Using a firm that only employs a one-size-fits-all solution will only lead to further complications to your system and devices.

    Cloud Services

    More and more companies have begun using cloud-based servers to store their information and use them to conduct their business. Unfortunately, if you are among this demographic, your server will be just as vulnerable to the issues that plague more common tools your company will use. So, you will reasonably want to seek out an IT firm that provides cloud-based services in addition to the standard services you might expect of an IT firm.

    The firm you contract will need to provide these services depending on the type of cloud you are using. You have a choice between three types of cloud systems with which to manage information: public, private, and hybrid.

    • Public clouds are cloud systems open to the internet and used by many customers.
    • Private clouds are systems only accessible to your business.
    • Hybrid clouds are a combination of both.

    IT Cloud Services

    Ideally, you will be using a private cloud network since it will offer the highest possible level of security and will allow your IT firm to reinforce that security. The best firms will help guide you towards the best cloud to be used with the type of data you are hoping to store on the network.

    Once the proper cloud service type has been found for your network, the firm will take over troubleshooting issues and offer general support for the cloud services. They will also help to regulate the security measures of the cloud depending on the type of firm you have contracted.

    During your search for a local New Jersey IT firm, making sure you find one that offers any cloud-based services you might need is vital. Of course, the need for cloud-based IT services is dependent on you having a cloud-based server. If you do not have one, your IT firm will likely attempt to convince you to create one to ensure universal access to all data that your company retains.

    Security Management

    One of the lesser-known aspects of information technology services is that it is not just a department for troubleshooting issues. It is also where the cybersecurity services are based. When dealing with a technologically heavy office, you will find yourself at risk of attacks on a digital plane. Many people in the world seek to access information that they have no right to for the sake of their profit. To defend against this, programs and professionals are specially trained to combat these attacks. A good IT firm will help with this in a few ways.

    Most IT firms will provide the companies that hire them with the information they need to create a long-term plan to maintain the internal security of your systems and confidential information. This plan can range from instituting passwords for your employees to protect access, providing guidelines to minimize risk, or even advising their clients to update certain antiquated pieces of equipment or programs that are more vulnerable to attack than other, newer alternatives.

    Managing Cyber Security

    These guidelines can be imperative to ensure that the data remains secure against threats, though some firms will provide even greater services than others. For example, some firms provide a great deal of additional protection by fielding experts who have firsthand experience combating cyberattacks.

    These cybersecurity experts provide an additional layer of protection by allowing them to instruct your employees on skills and practices that can avert cybercrimes from being committed against you and your company. They can even get directly involved in some cases to implement countermeasures that will further reinforce your security. If you are on the hunt for an IT firm to provide services for your company, one with the resources and skill to provide guidance and resources towards network security is ideal.

    The Backup Plan

    Using a digital library of critical information and details can be a horrific catastrophe if the system is compromised and the data is lost. This risk makes the creation and management of backups an absolute necessity. A few IT firms will provide services that will help with exactly that and allow you to recover lost data that could cause your business to come to a screeching halt.

    The best IT firms will provide the storage for your data backups. They create copies of files and data from your company’s server with a mere press of a button and free you of the financial and time constraints you would ordinarily face with manual backup efforts. They will also verify the data they have backed up to ensure that they are consistent with what was uploaded. This way, corrupted files are identified and replaced before they become an issue.

    Backing Up Data

    In many cases, they will also create multiple backups to provide redundancy and ensure that the files are 100% safe in case of a sudden emergency. The reason backups are such an essential part of IT is that the causes of devices losing information are more numerous than the devices themselves. Machines can break, malware can corrupt, and many other unfortunate events can lead to data being unwillingly purged.

    The IT firm you seek to contract should provide background services since losing data is apocalyptic to a company. In addition, they should have an entire team dedicated to maintaining and preserving the data backups. If they do, you have likely found the best IT firm for your company’s needs.

    Communication Services

    Perhaps one of the oldest yet oft-forgotten services provided by information technology services includes communications. Landline phones found in offices are designed to patch into the e-mail services for many companies to unify communications across all mediums. The correct IT departments and firms will help to provide this communication unification for your network.

    This means when you receive a phone call on your landline, any phone in the office will be able to answer it. If the call is missed, a transcript is sent to the e-mail address of the needed individuals. In some cases, the right communications system will even allow you to attend video conferences from several devices in the office. Once the system is up and running, the IT firm will maintain and troubleshoot it just as effectively as they would the computers and cloud services in the system.

    24:7 Communications Services

    If communication is a constant need for your company, the IT firm you contract should offer the same communication services outlined here. The unification of your communication services can be a vital asset to the productivity of your company.

    Wrapping Up

    Contracting an information technology firm for your company’s needs can be an extensive and complicated process, depending on what you need or how large the company is. Unfortunately, in New Jersey, the firms providing all of these services are fewer than you might find elsewhere in the country. However, once you find the correct firm, you will enjoy a fully functional technology network with a wide array of capabilities to expedite your company’s efforts and increase efficiency.

    Various IT Services

    There are additional services that information technology firms can provide, though they all ultimately relate to the same services we have outlined thus far. If you are actively searching for a firm to fulfill your IT needs in New Jersey, you might have a shorter search ahead of you than you think. So, in your search, keep in mind these services and any others that might prove prudent to your operations and ensure that the ones you engage with offers them. Otherwise, you will find your system is far more vulnerable than it ought to be.

    If your business needs an IT firm in New Jersey, please reach out and contact us today. We offer free consultations to analyze your business needs and provide you with custom solutions to the problems you face. Additionally, if you have any questions about today’s topic or similar, feel free to reach out as well! We’d be more than happy to assist you or your business.