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    Information is the heart of every business. Your business needs a timely delivery of accurate information that will propel it to greater heights.

    Our team of IT consultants understands how vital technology is to your business and would utilize their over 20 years experience of managing hundreds of IT environments to provide an independent perspective to all your IT issues.

    We would work tirelessly to ensure that you get a reliable solution to all your technology needs of your business. We will learn about your business and your IT setting, including your customer’s expectations, your employees work style and habits, as well as all the technologies you use for your business and then combine them all to craft a unique IT strategy for your business.

    We will design and implement tactical strategies that would drive your business growth, reduce your running cost, and create new revenue generation streams.

    At computer tech, we take a “major picture” approach when working to realize business objectives. We would work with you to improve your IT environment, expertise prerequisites, and strategies by devising short-and-long term systems to deliver quantifiable outcomes.

    Because of the uniqueness of your, business, we won’t utilize an off-the-rack solution for any of your IT needs. Be it advice on optimal backup solutions, security strategy, IT infrastructural acquisition, or setting up your systems to legally required standard, we will work and provide you with a tailored strategy for each of your specific needs.

    Our professional consultancy service includes.

    •    Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

    •    Cloud Computing optimization and configuration.

    •    Computer Security review, assessment, and advisement.

    •    Communication and collaboration systems integration and unification.

    •    Help Desk and Onsite Support outsourcing.

    •    Implementing cloud computing solutions and advisement.

    •    IT capacity and performance assessments.

    •    IT disaster recovery plans and data backup strategies.

    •    IT investments Decision facilitating.

    •    IT infrastructures management.

    •    Remote Monitoring and IT Management.

    And much more

    Do you have an IT related problem? Or you need advice on a specific aspect of aspect of your business’s IT. Contact us, so you can speak with our experts on the best way forward for your business. Remember, we are the partners that care about your business growth.

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