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    Information Technology (or IT) is the core of every modern business. Whether it’s email, an internal knowledge base, a development environment, or a roster of cloud computing services, your company runs on IT. Whether you’re a lage, medium business, or small business, having a robust IT system with swift and accurate functionality is essential to business success.

    At Computertech, we understand IT inside and out. We know how vital your technology infrastructure is to your success, and we bring that understanding to bear to work for you. We offer IT consulting services that leverage over 20 years of experience with hundreds of highly varied IT configurations. We bring an independent, unique perspective to your company.

    Custom IT Consulting Service in New Jersey

    In the world of IT, there are two kinds of companies. Some have a set of preconfigured IT solutions. They know a handful of apps, and they railroad your company into fitting within what they know. When all they have is a hammer, every IT problem you encounter looks like a nail.

    IT Consultant Repairing Network

    We are the second kind of technology consulting firm. We take the time to learn all about your business goals, including:

    • The configuration of your IT network, internally and externally.
    • Your positions on cloud-based software and services.
    • Your employee work styles, habits, project management, and IT needs.
    • Your customer expectations.
    • Your industry needs, regulations, and laws.
    • Your existing technology and budget.

    We then take all of this information and create a customized plan for your business IT. Our unique IT strategy is designed to provide your business with everything you need to succeed while cutting costs, increasing capacity, reducing response times, minimizing downtime, and offering scaling capabilities as you grow.

    All of this is customized to you, the business owner, not assembled out of a box. We look at the big picture, and we create a customized IT service plan that suits your needs, not the needs of a generic average IT customer.

    Vision, Strategy, and Long-Term Planning

    Anyone running a successful business understands that there’s more to it than adapting to the moment’s needs. You need to look ahead, plan for the future, with projected growth, expected problems, and unexpected issues.

    We understand this too. That’s why, at Computertech, we offer short-term tactical advice, long-term strategic planning, and custom tailored support services. We don’t just set down a plan for you to use; we customize our services to your needs. We don’t just passively watch for you to request assistance; we grow and adjust as you grow, scale as your needs scale, and continue to customize your service according to changing circumstances.

    Vision and Longterm Planning

    What do you get when you hire us as a managed service provider in the NJ area?

    • Advice on optimal backup and disaster recovery solutions.
    • IT and cybersecurity strategies, service, software, and hardware.
    • Compliance with legal regulations and standards.
    • Business continuity with IT as your company grows and scales.
    • Cloud service optimization and configuration.
    • Existing IT security auditing and advisement.
    • Communications and collaboration system unification.
    • Help desk outsourcing.
    • Onsite support outsourcing.
    • IT capacity and performance auditing and optimization.
    • Long-term IT investment planning.
    • Remote monitoring and management.

    All of this means that your business will have more protection, more resilience, and more ability to scale. Your employees will have faster and better-performing software and hardware, and you can scale up or down easily according to your company’s performance. You’ll be as protected as possible from cybersecurity threats and cyberattacks while complying with industry and government regulations.

    And, through it all, our IT staff handles all of your support, from users and employees. Our remote monitoring means that we detect and fix issues before you even notice that they’re issues, and if a problem occurs, we can be available to fix it within minutes.

    Your Business Deserves the Best

    Your business is important to you, and that means it’s important to us. You deserve the best service available, so that’s what we aim to provide. Everything we’ve listed above is part and parcel of our comprehensive IT consulting services.

    If you’re located in New Jersey or surrounding areas such as New York, give us a call today or contact us for a FREE consultation¬†today. We’re confident that we can upgrade and enhance your IT infrastructure, save you money, and help ensure long-term success.